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1. What you created for yourself

i created a career field, that i want to be a part of plus a world i want to be apart of.

2. How long you’d been struggling to create it before joining this community

for about a year, i was formulating my own ideas and thoughts that didn't add up to what the career field was about. i knew i wanted to change something or bring a new wave into it.

3. What strategy or technique finally made things click (I.e. if releasing was the key, what emotion/feeling was it that you released)?

that someone like me exist + my ideas and that i'm not alone within that. i released fear in standing my ground and showing that its real.

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I think I have mentioned this before in one of your posts, but I will share it again here.

I found your teachings after years of studying Neville's works. I was still stuck at the professional and personal front, because sometimes, doing 'techniques' would feel like forcing as clearly my repressed/suppressed feelings were very strong.

Unlike many others, for whom living in the end works right off the bat - I figured out that my 'mind' has a different kind of training, and it needs to resolve some of its 'learnings' or 'memories' before learning a new desirable 'knowing', so to speak. That's why after coming across your teachings, even though at first I was hesitant, and resistant to face my suppressed feeling, it soon became a very helpful exercise for me. I was able to, very emotionally, face some of the repressed memories that had lead to the feelings of being ignored, not feeling important etc.

Once I sat with those memories and the feelings they brought, they slowly started having a very less impact on me, and just within a span of one day or two I had its effect showing in my outside world. It was something concerning my profession, that I had been wanting for years. It was not my focus, but surely something I had desired every now and then, quite strongly, but always felt like I am not being paid attention to/chosen for it. The ball started rolling on just the second day after I released those feelings, and I saw the results in just 1 week. It's the biggest opportunity of my career so far, a career in music and creativity.

I have been consistently working on my personal relationship with my wife for a while now. Because I've been releasing consistently, now I don't feel the sting of a lot of things that used to bother me just a week ago. Learning from AC's recent post on separation, I am working on releasing those knowings. However, every once in a while I still do find disturbing what the outside evidences (do not) show me. But like everything else, I know that this will work out as well.

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i guess i can start. i found your material after i started with neville stuff and i used that to manifest a five figure per month income. after finding your stuff, it took my releasing skills to the next level.

i'm now working on the relationships area on my life and holy shit the amount of stuff i need to release that i never knew was there.. i feel much lighter now after a week of just constant releasing and on the goals side i've been on a couple of dates and i'm starting to get more matches from dating apps.

i still have a lot to release as far as emotional baggage goes but it's encouraging to see that the more i release and the lighter i feel it also reflects in the 3D world.

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Very awesome to hear you're making progress so fast. We all have a ton to release, but everything you do manage to let go of will make your life noticeably easier.

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