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I’m A.C. Here on my Substack I write essays and articles pertaining to different spiritual ideologies. A good portion of my content deals with manifestation, conscious creation, and the law of attraction. Beyond that, we cover a lot of non-dual philosophy (ranging from traditional Advaita Vedanta to contemporary Christian Mysticism, with quite a bit in between.

Above all else, I’m a regular person, just like you, but one who happens to have spent the past twenty years studying spirituality. I’ve been writing professionally in other capacities for a long time, which gives me the ability to communicate complex and confusing ideas with relative clarity.

Why Subscribe?

Because I’ve been investigating spiritual spaces for such a long time, I’m familiar with a huge number of other spiritual blogs, books, and teachers.

I can tell you with 100% honesty that I believe my essays are on par with any other spiritual literature you’ll find online or in a bookstore.

I don’t mean that pridefully — I’m not suggesting that I’m more of an expert or that I possess some super-secret spiritual knowledge that nobody else does. But, I know a ton about different branches of spiritual thought and am in the unique position of having years of experience writing in a professional capacity about subjects totally unrelated to my spiritual pursuits. As a result, I’ve become a very adept communicator over the years — which lends itself well to this style of blog.

Why Upgrade To A Paid Subscription?

I’m inundated with questions about my content. As an organizational necessity, I had to find a way to prioritize which questions I spend time addressing. Upgrading to a paid membership gets you access to comments and the chat function so that you can engage with me directly.

In addition to this, I offer paid subscribers step-by-step instructionals. So, while I’ll discuss the essentials of conscious creation and spiritual growth with everyone, I’ll be more prescriptive in the step-by-step guides. I’ll pick common topics (for example, I have a guide to manifesting money) and tell you how I’d approach that topic personally.

And lastly, paid subscribers get access to a handful of other exclusive essays. These are all supplementary teachings that aim to iron out some details of my teaching and to direct the super-interested to other areas of study that they might find interesting.

I’m really glad to have you all as a part of this community. Thanks to everyone for the continued support.

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